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Hosting a Party!

Gather your friends for fabulous fun and have a blast shopping from home or online with joy and laughter.
Host a party your friends will love and remember.

As the party’s Hostess you’ll receive valuable credits for your efforts:

  • 10% of your party’s total sales in FREE products! A $500.00 party would earn you $50.00 in FREE products!
  • Free Hostess credits with party sales over $250.00!
  • $10 in FREE product credit for every party booked off of your party!
  • $10 in extra credit when your sales hit $250+!

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We offer a sensational selection of gifts, toys, bath and body products for your friends and your lover. There is something new and great for you and everyone on your gift list! We have all the latest inspirations and tips for a rewarding love life. Athena’s Goddesses and Adoni have secrets to share with you that can make even an old relationship new again. Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome at our parties!

There are so many reasons to throw an Athena’s party. One of our Goddesses or Adoni can customize your experience to suit you and your guests. Or you and your guests can just show up and we’ll bring the fun and good vibrations. Plus our bath, body and boudoir products are fabulous. You’re going to love the products we have carefully tested and created just for you. We have perfect selections just for you, your lover or your best friend.

You will acquire titillating tips and techniques that will improve your relationships! Our parties are FREE and you’ll earn FREE products! We can’t wait to show you our products! You and your friends will be glad you hosted an Athena’s party.

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