• Cherry Stone Pillow


    Because we all lead busy lives, there always seems to be a part of us that is sore, aching or stressed. Our therapeutic cherry stone pillows are the perfect way to soothe and relieve pain by increasing blood circulation to overworked muscles. Our machine washable cotton pouches are filled with heat-retaining cherry stones that can be heated or chilled over and over again. It’s a simple, natural treatment the aches of every day life. The cherry stones adapt to your body and you’ll find many benefits from the long lasting, penetrating, moist heat: neck tension, stomach cramps, gas, sore muscles after a workout, cold feet, backaches and headaches will melt away! Chill as a compress for pinched nerves, puffy eyes, bruises, sprains and strains. Whether your aches and pains are acute or chronic, finding relief is imperative. You can snuggle comfortably as there are no cords attached! Makes an incredible gift for someone recovering from an injury, a pregnant woman or anyone who you know is stressed out!      
    Machine washable ultra-suede poly fiber pouches
    Filled with heat/cold retaining cherry stones
    Heat for 2-3 minutes in the microwave
    Pillows are made with Michigan tart cherry pits, cleaned without chemicals and naturally dyed
    Suitable for all ages      
    Neck Pillow Filled with 1.5 pounds of cherry stones.
    Length: 22 inches
    Width:  5.5 inches

    Double Pillow Filled with 4 pounds of cherry stones
    Length: 21inches
    Width: 10.5 inches 

    Triple Pillow Filled with 4 pounds of cherry stones
    Length:  28 inches
    Width: 9.5 inches