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Ellie’s Enchanted Baby Body Butter

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Body Butter Baby skin is susceptible to dryness. Our formula provides amazing benefits for that sweet bundle of joy! Rub from head to toe with this beautiful blend of shea butter, packed with nourishing botanical vitamins and minerals. It gently sloughs away cradle cap while deeply moisturizing. A thoughtful gift for expectant mothers and can be paired with our Stretch Mark Cream (sold separately) to give both mom and baby a skin-loving and pampering treat. The fragrance notes of oatmeal and honey will relax the parent and child during application. 

8 ounces

Cruelty free

Sulfate free

THC free

Paraben free


Made In The USA

Contains nut oil

A portion of the proceeds from every jar goes to the charity Charlotte’s Web of Prayer in remembrance of 3-year-old Elianna Grace Soucy who lost her battle with leukemia after a bone marrow transplant in 2018. Charlotte Soucy, age 10, designed the label in honor of her brave little sister. Ellie’s mother Cyndi Soucy is a long-time, beloved Goddess of Athena’s. We are proud to remember Ellie and her loving spirit.