Kegel Balls Plus


Effective Kegel exercises are crucial to the prevention of many common female reproductive health related issues including urinary stress incontinence, constipation, pelvic organ prolapse, uterine, bowel or bladder prolapse, sexual penetration intercourse pain and other sexual dysfunction.  Kegal Balls Plus is the right choice for any woman who wants to increase or restore pelvic floor health and get more pleasure from sexual intimacy.  Kegel balls that can be worn during regular activity and provide an alternative passive Kegel exercise.  Kegel balls continually tug with gravity and stimulate reflexive resistance that further contributes to pelvic floor muscle health and development. 
Each Kegel Ball Exerciser comes with a silicone retrieval stem.  The best part is that you can remove the weights to customize your ideal exercise!  The set includes single and duo-tone spheres plus an additional weight for multiple combinations.  Possible combinations include:  
Single Ball – 30 grams or 40 grams
Duo Balls – 60 grams, 70 grams or 80 grams  
Not for use with silicone lubricants