Pheromone Massage Oil Candle Sweet Tart


Craft a seductive atmosphere for a dreamy interlude with our pheromone infused massage candle! This remarkable candle emits the bewitching scent of exotic mangosteen and sweet florals as the candle liquefies into a moisturizing massage oil. Use the pour spout to unleash the lavish aphrodisiac on the body of your lover. The formulation is rich in botanicals for the finest massage encounters and ultimate skin pampering. Perfect for sharing and gift giving. You can even write a message on the candle’s chalkboard exterior! Sugar free. 
Includes: Fragranced pheromone massage oil candle in a write-on-me ceramic candle holder with pour spout and chalk for romantic messages.
5.2 ounces
Allergy warning: Contains nut oil
Made in the USA
Paraben free