• Positively Period Menstrual Cups


    It’s time for positively progressive and efficiently eco-friendly period care! Bid farewell to the discomfort and monthly expense of bulky pads and tampons! Our menstrual cups are constructed of 100% body safe and FDA cleared silicone that is soft and flexible for all-day and overnight wear! Developed with your comfort, convenience and confidence in mind, the bell shaped curves of the cup hug the contours of the vaginal walls to prevent leakage. The anti-suction holes allow for an air tight seal that can be broken gently. Can be worn up to 12 hours and is reusable month after month! 1 Drawstring storage bag and 2 menstrual cups are included. Regular and small. Phthalate free.

    Regular Cup: 
    Length: 2"
    Width: 1.8" 
    Capacity: 21 mL

    Small Cup:
    Length: 1.7"
    Width: 1.6" 
    Capacity: 14 mL

    Silicone Warning