Primal Sex Attractant Cologne


Become irresistible, desirable and seductive – when you wear our Primal Sex Attractant cologne! The long lasting scent will linger while increasing the naturally occurring body pheromone output! Primal is the perfect finishing touch for a wild, sexual adventure!The bold erotic masculine fragrance can be sprayed on areas of the body like any cologne or body fragrance. It will mix with each man’s natural pH and develop his natural sexual scent! Wear it and enjoy the increased arousal and sexual excitement in those around you!
1 fluid ounce
Made in the USA
Paraben free 
Cruelty free
Nose notes:
Cedar and Musk. Hypnotic: Erotic notes combined with red cedar for male boldness & strength while lighter woods softly compliment all masculinity. Blended exclusively for today’s male.