Soy Candle

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This is the most useful candle you'll ever have the pleasure of burning. It's a candle! It's a massage oil! It's a moisturizer!  Or, to pamper yourself, rub the warm wax into dry skin and experience a totally different moisturizing sensation. Burns up to 60 hours.
Edible Soy Candle
Stimulate your senses with this 4-in-1 massage candle! It’s a soy candle, warming massage oil, daily moisturizer and body flavoring. Set the mood with candlelight, smell the amazing fragrance, and pour some on your partner for a warm sensual massage. Don’t forget to shower your lover with kisses. Made from natural oils including hemp seed, Vitamin E, avocado, almond and jojoba oils. Stimulate your senses with this 4-in-1 massage candle!(heart-shaped tin, 4.7 ounces) 
6.8 ounce
Contains nut oil
Paraben free
Phthalate free
Drug and cruelty-free
Made in the USA