Summer Essentials Bundle


These top essential summer products are bundled together to save you money!

Dry Guys: This revolutionary product prevents wetness and the uncomfortable feeling of being sweaty, sticky and chafed which many men suffer from. It goes on like a lotion then transforms into a silky, powdery moisture control shield that keeps the testicles fresh and dry. This pheromone infused product is formulated with skin-softening agents and is sulfate free. Use Dry Guys daily it contains tapioca starch and Vitamin E to smooth and protect sensitive skin! Made in the USA. Vegan. Paraben free & Cruelty-free.

Crystal Deodorant Stone: This crystal, made of pure mineral salts, forms a protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria on your skin without adding anything you don't need. Use under your arms or the bottoms of your feet. It's unscented, hypoallergenic, nonsticky, non-staining and invisible on the skin. Recommended for all skin types for men and women. Stain-free, Unscented, Hypoallergenic, Suitable for all skin types, No chemical additives, No animal testing, Paraben free, Vegan & Free of aluminum chloral hydrate and zirconium.

Supreme Shave Cream aka Coochy Cream: A rash-free shave creme that’s gentle enough for the most sensitive areas of your body! It can prevent those unsightly red bumps! Also highly recommended as a hair conditioner. Great on natural curls!  Essential for the winter and every season! Contains nut oil. Made In the USA. Cruelty & Paraben free.

Skinny Dip Body Mist: This is the body mist with a difference! Not only does it smell incredible, but it is good for the skin! This body spray also utilizes the moisturizing properties of hemp seed oil. Skinny Dip scent will keep you bug-free all summer long while moisturizing your skin! 8 ounce spray bottle, Made in the USA, Contains nut oil, Paraben free, Phthalate free, Cruelty free & Vegan