The Ring Master


For the adventurous couple who want to play in and out of the bedroom, we bring you the Ring Master – a remote controlled penis and testicle ring! The super stretchy silicone ring is comfortable to wear. A 10 function, rechargeable bullet rests against the perineum or testicles securely to deliver the perfect buzz. The Ring Master wears a discreet push button ring that controls the vibration from 50 feet away! Shopping, dining and social gatherings are about to get a lot more interesting. Use the Master Ring in the bedroom, bath or shower during oral sex or penetration for a hands-free perineum or testicle massage! 
Not for use with silicone lubricants
Penis/Testicle Ring: 100% Silicone
Penis/Testicle Ring Relaxed: Width widest point: 1.75 inches
Bullet: ABS Plastic with PU Coating
Bullet Height: 2.5 inches Finger
Finger RING – Silicone and ABS Plastic
Finger RING – CR-1620 battery (included)
Phthalate free and Latex free  
Rechargeable: USB charge cord included and CR1620 battery included for ring
Charge time: Approximately 60 minutes
Run time: Approximately more than 60 minutes when on high speed