The Celebrator


Athena's has sold over 74,500 Celebrators! That's a lot of orgasms. If you don't already own one, you're missing out on an incredible experience. To say it is an effective way to bring a woman to orgasm is an understatement!
This unique gyrator is used externally to stimulate the key feminine “pleasure zones” found around the clitoris. Those of us who have used the Celebrator agree that it’s the fastest, most intense orgasm we’ve ever had (and we’ve had many!). It looks like a toothbrush with a bulbous tip. It will stimulate the key feminine “pleasure zones” better and faster than before! On low, you will experience 4,600 Oscillations per minute! When you turn it up, you’ll feel 9,600 Oscillations per minute! This is a sex toy that will blow you away.  
Batteries:  2 AA included
Not for use with silicone lubricants

***Please note this item is on back ordered. Some people don't see that when checking out. So I want to be sure to mention it here also. The US is currently out of Celebrators, everywhere (trust me I looked everywhere for you all). Suggestions: Place your order and wait in line, as soon as they arrive they will ship right out to you. My only estimate right now is the end of May. The factory who makes them is working as fast as they can with the current COVID guidelines). If you don't want to wait and want something else, I would suggest The Speedway, Come Again, or the best of the best The Womanizer Premium. Thank you for your patience, please stay safe! ***